Les Confidents was created by Françoise Byé and Agnès Colmet Daâge, both of whom come from impressive international backgrounds, particularly in the development of export for European companies, and are eager to build on the lessons learned from their professional experiences. Their drive to facilitate a meeting between exceptional European manufacturers and Interior Architects led them to create the sourcing agency, Les Confidents.

Françoise Byé was born in France. She grew up living in an international world, thanks to her father’s diplomatic career. After her studies in marketing and international commerce, she immediately expatriated to the Ivory Coast, then to South Africa, Europe and the Middle East Region. Throughout her career, she always worked to help for international development of French companies. At the time of her last position in Dubai, where she stayed for 6 years, she was the Director of a French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was there where she realised the people’s attraction for the French way of life, then and still today, and decided to create the agency Les Confidents. Upon her return to Europe, she realised this exciting project with Agnès Colmet Daâge.
Françoise is married and has 3 wonderful children.



Agnès Colmet Daâge, born in Paris, France, was raised in a family of tradition and refinement. She lived during 3 years in the vibrant environment of Dubai, UAE, where she accompanied foreign companies to establish their business in the UAE free zones. Also, she helped  expat families settle in the country, advising them to create refined and welcoming interiors for their new homes. During her stay in Dubai, Agnes spent a significant amount of time understanding the art market of the region and became familiar with selected Middle Eastern and Persian artists. She then moved to Moscow, Russia, where she further developed her knowledge of art and interior decoration, combining eastern art with French culture. She was living in Houston, Texas, where she has created Les Confidents with a longtime friend. She is now based in Paris, France.