Europe is the birthplace of small and medium size companies that have developed a wide range of craftsmanship skills and technical excellence. Pulling from their skills that have been passed down over many generations, these extraordinary designers, however, are forward-thinking, true contemporary artists. Combining culture and tradition, these firms passionately create remarkable realizations in the Interior Design and Architecture field, and are the ambassadors of a high-end ‘Art de Vivre.’

Sourcing agency

The expertise of Les Confidents is to make this European-style excellence shine internationally. To do so, the sourcing agency Les Confidents specializes in linking exceptional European manufacturers and Interior Designers in search of originality and high quality products. As true talent scouts, Les Confidents is dedicated to selecting the best and most prestigious European factories in areas as diverse as materials, furniture, lighting and decorative items. We focus our research to the specific needs of each project, and we adapt to the requirements accordingly. With confidence, we select companies that meet the criteria expressed by the client, and work collaboratively with Interior Design firms and Architects. We follow up on the outcome of the project.

We operate in different sectors: Residential, Hospitality, Commercial Offices, Retail, and Yachting.

Designer support in France / Belgique

At the request of the Interior Design firms, we organize appointments in the workshops of outstanding manufacturing companies, promoting the essential meeting of two worlds and maximizing their complementarity.

We ensure complete logistical support.


European factory support in different countries

We complete this collaboration by organizing tours for European factories in the countries of the Interior Design firms ( Belgium, Middle East). Their will is to meet key players and adapt their creations to the specific needs of the local market, pledge of their investment.

We ensure complete logistical support.